An Open Letter for Help

I want to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity over this past month.

It is greatly appreciated - thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


Pentad said...

Hey Lady. I know how it feels..been there, done that several years ago. I got my first sponsor on my blog, and they paid for a year's spot. I just sent it over to you through paypal...$200. I know it doesn't cover it all, but I hope it will help. My thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family. Take care. *hug*

Anonymous said...

I sent you a measly $15...poor student...couldn't send you any more. Down with capitalism!

Anok said...

Pentad, Siuilaruin - You are the most compassionate and generous people. thank you so so very much.

I'm a pretty tough girl, but you gals are making me cry! (Good cry, it's good!)

I can't - I just can't believe it - thank you so much.

Sunnyberra said...

Left you something on your broadcast notification on BC

Anok said...

I saw it! LOL! That's the best ferret ever! Now if only I could make my child do that....

Claire said...

If I had more, you would get more. You have been trying your hardest and so has the hubster.

I have met Anok in real life, she is hardworking, honest and one of the nicest upfront people I have ever met.

I honestly believe that if you were in a shit situation and she could help, she would.

Anok said...

Thanks Claire - that means a lot from you. It really does.

Oh, damn. I'm crying again. My eyes are going to be swelled up like balloons!

Noarch said...

hey, just got back from my other self ... I know how you feel since im in the same sort of situation right now as I am still waiting for my papers to clear so I can work (legally). It makes me sad that the good people always seem to be in this spot. But we must not give in to desperation cuz it WILL get better. I know that hope doesn't really help you with the bills but it's all I have for the moment.

Anok said...

Hope helps more than you know, Noarch. You're a good person too...and you're right. There is a why out of this mess.

Hopefully we'll find it sooner rather than later - but all of us are in the same boat together. We're all facing adversities and if we stand solid, I think we'll be OK. (That means you, too.)

Thanks, man. {{hugs}}] Glad to see you're feeling better, by the way.

Monkey Wrench said...

Anok, my friend--

I will show you solidarity, because you are a friend of mine. No matter how short a time I have "known" you, solidarity and mutual aide are things I would show to anyone, much less to my Anarchist friend and her family.

Send an address that I can send a money order to to this email:


I will ship you as much as I can.

You are an Anarchist, you are my friend. Do not lose your way in this mess you are in. Take care, and have faith in the fact that you have solidarity in me and others.

Sincerely and with Respect,


Anok said...

Wrench - thank you - yes I consider you a friend as well! I sent you an e mail as per your request.

Stay solid, friend.

The Acolyte Tao said...

Hurray for my anarchist friend. That's all I can say sadly. I myself don't have a dime to my name, jobless, in school, only money for gas. -.- I only wish I had more time so I could go get a job, if there was any jobs...

Anyways, Namaste and I'm awesomely glad others are able to donate. Peace!

veryheaven said...

hello dear anok,
i´ve posted today a tweet - charity: ANOK to my friends on twitter - charity:water raised with tweetfestival US $ 25,000 TSD - maybe we can all unite for you and get a year-lasting donation together (f*** my english is so bad - )*
i send praises to god to send you some angels - you need to look carefully around you know :-)
love, light and blessings -
yours, veryheaven aka cassie

Anok said...

I'm speechless - You guys are - wow!
Acolyte - if I ever catch a windfall I WILL be helping my online friends. I will pay this forward any way that I can.

Veryheaven - your English is fine {{hugs}} and thank you so much for your effort. I don't even know what to say - I've been reminded that we are all in this together and taht there really are good people in this world.

No matter how many times in my life I've been tempted to think otherwise - you guys are the proof that good people exist.

Aw damn, I'm crying again.

{{{hugs}}}xxxxkissesxxxx and Anarchy ;)

Anonymous said...

*Gets sudden urge to watch 'It's a Wonderful Life'*

Jesse said...


Anok you just holler anytime there is even a threat of eviction. We'll get a crew out on a bus and take up defensive positions!

: )

Everything is so tight right now, but don't lose hope! If you're ever out in Denver (or if I ever get my ass out there) we definitely have to get some coffee or something.

SolReka :: solar cookers | alternative energy said...

Hi Anok

I know exactly how you feel, there is no worse feeling than not having two beans to rub together. My heart is with you, but I cannot offer you any financial support. I live on £300 a month.

Your rent seems pretty steep, perhaps moving into cheaper residence would alleviate your debt situation. Must you live in US$1200/month accommodation! - average rent in the UK is £400/month. Surely the USA has comparable rent to that of the UK.

If things get too bad, you can always pack your bags and live an alternative lifestyle. Escape the entrapments of Western living. Get back to basics, and live a humble life. Just a thought.

Which ever path you take, I wish you the best of luck.

Just hang on in there.

This quote from Papillon gives me my daily strength: -
"Hey you bastards, I'm still here."

Peace and love

Anok said...

LOL Siuilaruin!

Jesse - the same goes for you - if you're ever in town you have a couch to crash on!

Sol - we've been trying to get out of here and into someplace cheaper for a while now. $1200 a month was on the low side when we originally moved in, but it's just no longer affordable. We're still looking, but the place will have to be substantially cheaper in order to justify the cost of moving.

So far, we've had no luck :(

I love that quote, by the way!!

Theresa111 said...

In the same boat and best I could do. I will also light candles for you and yours, here:
the candle stays lit for 48 hours and it will be under the initials THH.

Things will work out. Keep your hopes high and your faith steadfast.

Love and hugs,


Connecticut Man1 said...

Anok, I am so saddened to hear about this. I've been there too, and while it was no big deal for myself, I could live in a wood line and get by, but for my kids losing our home was hell - and we were damned close to being homeless. It scared the hell out of them.

National Directory Search said...

No offense, but it might be time to get a second (or third) job or some sort of additional income outside of begging.

Helmi Razali said...

I hope you'll pull through.

Anok said...

National Directory - oh, wow I had never thought of that!!! What brilliance! /sarcasm.

Unless you are going to create the job out of thin air, and pay for the child care, I'd suggest that you politely go fuck yourself.

Helmi - Thanks, We are doing much better since we received the outpouring of support. That gave us the time we needed and hopefully we'll be setting ourselves up for a less expensive living expense.

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Anonymous said...

I am truly glad that so many people have contributed. It stings not being able to help, but when my luck is better, I will endeavor to aid you.