I have a confession to make. I have been sucked in by the reality TV show engineered by Poison's front man, Bret Michaels. You may have heard of it "Rock of Love". Now, I watched it tonight, in spurts, because I could only take so much trash at one time, and I couldn't help but wonder....why?

Other reality TV shows like this one popped into my head, like "Real Chance at Love" and the Bachelor/Bachelorette series. Then there are those shows were the parents get to pick their grown child's "new" significant other as the parents and the "other" watch the dates as they happen.


Now, the ladies plastic little girls on the Rock of Love shindig are about as wild and weird and trashy as you can get. I would think that for a star to choose a mate, he or she would need to choose a solid, intelligent, responsible human being. After all, the business is not a constant party but a business, complete with responsibilities. The whole "let's get wasted and trash the hotel rooms every night and get coked up" ended sometimes recently with the advent of "Celebrity rehab". These former star partiers have real problems that I would suspect any current star would want to avoid, if they want continued success.

And yet, we are treated to, erm, "lovely" sex kittens with more plastic than a Barbie doll, and about the same intelligence too. Oh, and boy do they like to party. Somehow I don't think getting smashed all night and in the early Am is the way to ensure a successful band tour, you know, with deadlines and all that.

And why are the women subjecting themselves to the ultimate meat market scenario? Tramping themselves up, hoping and praying that these ...men... will choose to love them instead of the other 19 trampy girls on the show. They don't even know the guys they're competing for anyway! They know little about them...why are they humiliating themselves on national television for someone they might wind up hating anyway?

And why would the men want any kind of meaningful relationship with women who are willing to behave like that?

I seriously don't understand it. Maybe it's me, maybe I'm thick, but I don't get it. These girls will have access to the celebrities/men's funds and finances as an end result to some of these shows - do the men want to risk their life's work to a woman willing to dress like a hooker to compete with a gaggle of other equally hooker-ish women?

I guess a fool and his money are readily parted.

I know there's a fame aspect to it, I understand that. But honestly, it's more like "infamy" than fame. Yeah, so this one got naked and the other one threw up, and these two girls wanted to team up to show their sexual prowess by doing very intimate things on a public bar...they'll have great careers out that exposure.

In the porn industry.

Maybe someone could explain it to me?


Anonymous said...

i've never watched the show in question but i hate watching people embarrass themselves, so i can't "get into" reality television anyway.

the dynamic you describe between the men and women doesn't surprise me much, for 2 reasons.

1- a lot of performers are (to put it mildly) fucked up. rock musicians don't often strike me as having the healthy (as opposed to the ugly and destructive kind) self-regard that is required for adult relationships. a lot of them seem to be egotistical AND stupid. a guy fitting that description has about as much use for an intelligent woman as normal people have for 3-legged pants.

2- as for the women, their behavior is just an exaggerated example of the male-female biological/social dynamic that's existed since we were walking on our knuckles.

enjoy your sociological endeavors. i recently cleaned house and found a couple of unposted drafts that i published for the hell of it.

Anok said...

I couldn't help but think of Sharon Osbourne though. I mean, Ozzy - c'mon he's totally super celebrity rock star, yet he, his wife, and their marriage are otherwise normal.

Sharon Osbourne rocks my socks. She's wicked smart, business savvy,solid - just all around goo stuff.

Then I looked at these girls and I'm like - wha...?

But I was reminded that many of the contestants actually act this way to gain fame and deals in other areas.


I should stop by and read those drafts ;)

Jeunelle Foster said...

They are conditioned to act this way by society, churches, parents, friends, etc.

It is the way society wants to see these girls and women, in a subservient role where they are basically dumb and stupid.

The dumb, stupid and sexy is the male fantasy come true.

The I can _uck you and get away with it attitude because you're dumb and stupid is predominant in today's society.

Sex sells and exploits women and young girls, giving them no self worth and it is ok in today's society as long as money is involved and somebody is making it.

SHAMEFUL OLD SODOM returneth in a new era.

Dave Dubya said...

In their ideal world, the media would like to mold and manipulate us all like a bunch of unthinking impulsive adolescents.

They are succeeding.

Anok said...

It could be, it could be.

But is life imitating art, or is art imitating life? (or, erm, substitute "art" with "reality TV trash").

I am amazed by it though. I watch it like a train wreck before diving back into the Discovery channel or "the government" as Punky calls PBS :D

Dave Dubya said...

They call it "reality" TV, and Bush calls his conservatism compassionate.

The combined effect of Fox style "News" and "Reality" TV have melted Americans' brains. Ignorance has become America's greatest growth industry.

No wonder the entire country is falling apart. Corporate government/media's viral delusional programming is inducing a sort of mass psychosis.

The real world is about to seriously slap America into the consciousness it has been avoiding.

We can only hope, anyway.

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