What Barry Says

I came across this video - I found it to be concise and to the point. you may too.


Alex Mcone said...

Well of course none of us really matter to the US government.

History favors the winners; the saying goes; and thats the lurking aspect here. A majority of the people who believe the US is acting its role out as a world police are misinformed. I used to think the same too some seventeen years ago when I was in Abu Dhabi constantly fearing the "mother of all weapons" Saddam threatened to use.

But after reading and learning the history of past and current wars I knew that the US was only and always looking out for its best interests. The late entry into the Second World War proves this.

But not all people are as fortunate as us to have the resources to dig out history. To the layman's eye the US has always been there when the "good" were threatened by the "evil". How many are able to research the politics behind these conflicts ? Granted there were and are some truly nasty people out there and the US has fought them, but that distinction alone does not paint the US as an angel.

I know you're American and most of your readers are too. So for you and for them : when I say US, I mean the governmnent and not the people as whole.

JafaBrit's Art said...

It amazes me how so many are totally unaware of the Plan (they clearly stated it on their OWN website) and how all that has happened fits with that plan.

While people want to blame the military, they too have become exploited and misused/abused to serve the needs of those behind the plan for the new american century.

G. said...

That was a extremely interesting video. The government does many things in the name of "U.S Interests". Wonder what those really are exactly. What would really scare me is if war became completely privatized. Greed is a powerful temptress...

an average patriot said...

As we have been trying to get out numerous times for years to no avail this is all true. They just had to wait for a mindless idiot to come alone so he could push this soon to come to fruition Forever War through! It will happen regardless of who is President!

Dave Dubya said...

The PNAC agenda is not a conspiracy in the covert sense due to their open proclamation of their mission. However the secretive power players continue to conspire to implement the plan.

The White House Iraq Group conspired to deceive the nation into war with Iraq. Cheney and his henchmen have been and are now conspiring their machinations towards war with Iran.

The Bush administration has been conspiring (and executing) for years to thwart the rule of law and our Constitution in more ways than we have yet discovered.

Anok said...

Wow, I wasn't expecting the responses that I received...You know, it's great to hear from people outside of the US, it helps set up a different perspective altogether.

Thank you for the great replies! And, I'm glad I'm not crazy for finding these things interesting.