Changing Pace, Take Two

Once again, I am blogging about art, and not politics. Tonight I will show just how little progress I have made! Here is a photo of the copy I am working from:

And here is what I have accomplished thus far:

Obviously the face needs a great deal of work. While I adore sculpting portraits, painting them makes me want to lock myself in an Iron Maiden, or pour gasoline over myself and strike a match. Perhaps both. The face in this portrait is done so finely, and the sfumato technique is so very delicate and minute that I am pulling my hair out. As are the color changes in the clothing, and background.

I have begun working up the kitties in the bottom left hand corner, as well as blocking out the bird. I have much work to do!


Anok said...

And I have just realized what a horrible picture I've taken!

More batteries, and better lighting next time ;)

Jenn Thorson said...

This is fascinating to see, Anok. It's a real task trying to copy an elaborate portrait. It looks 18th or early 19th century? We had to do portrait painting in one of my art classes, and it was a real challenge. I'll enjoy seeing how this comes along. You've made some great strides with it.

Daniel Owen said...

forge ahead, woman!


Dave Dubya said...

Thanks, Anok,
Always nice to get a lesson in art appreciation.

theoffendedblogger said...


I think more coffee + less BC = finished painting, perhaps? :)

Lana Gramlich said...

Hang in there. Art can be frustrating, but I find things tend to work out better if I maintain my composure. If that's impossible, sometimes I take a break to slap out a quick abstract (for me, no rules = no stress.)

Naj said...

I think it is very nice that you are sharing with us the process of completion of your work.

I always appreciate generous artists; i.e. those who labour for exactitude of the image they want to represent.

Once I almost strangled my sister in law (an award winning photographer) for criticizing a painting because it looked "just like a photo".

The process of reproduction, the reliving of another artist's experience must be a GREAT experience. I am happy I dropped by as you were going through it.